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Spider-Man 2

Bought that USB drive on Friday. Ate Mexican on Friday night with good friends. Saw Brett from Kath & Kim (Peter Rowsthorn) in the street on Saturday. Almost bought a house on Sunday.

Also saw Spider-Man 2 on DVD. Probably lost a lot in its transition to the small screen. Merciless in its references to the first one (this franchise has got DVD box set written all over it). Also another blatant lead-in to the next one. I spent much of the time trying to remember what else I’d seen Alfred Molina in.

The silly train scene had two of us shouting in unison “what about the dead-man’s handle?!” Any sillier than the rest of it though? Maybe not.

I also fail to see why Ock decided he needed money to build his machine. What was he going to do, rob the bank, then head down to Bunnings to buy supplies, with his eight arms, like nobody would recognise him and scream? (I find the whole mutant cyborg thing a bit gruesome, myself.)

But all that said, plenty of laughs (the busker was hilarious), some action, and some moral dilemmas thrown in. A very enjoyable film.Thumbs up

By Daniel Bowen

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Just remember that common-sense (deadman switch) and logic (doc oc) aren’t allowed in Hollywood blockbusters. We had to learn that back in grade school ;). Almost bought a house? My condolences or congratulations (whichever of the two is appropriate)

“What was he going to do, rob the bank, then head down to Bunnings to buy supplies”

No silly, he was going to buy what he needed from e-bay

(Folks, “P”‘s name is the same as one of the characters. You can probably guess which one.)

Oh yeah, if Ock did all his evil work in his usual lab (didn’t he?), and the cops knew about it from the initial experiment, why did nobody think to go and look there for him again?

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