The new shoes

I got some new shoes last week. I’m terrible at buying shoes, I hate buying shoes, I can’t choose shoes.

Add to this some level of anxiety about my smelly, sweaty feet. I knew I needed shoes, and I knew I’d be going shoe shopping after work, so what did I do? I took an extra pair of socks with me. Changed into them as I left work. After all, it’s not very civilised to try on new shoes with smelly feet, is it?

I had noted a 25% Off Men’s Shoes Sale at Myer. So in I went and after much wandering around the store, found some I liked, got the lady to find the right size (got some. Work shoes. Black. Extremely shiny, at least at the moment. Well, except for one bit on the rim of the sole, which seems to have lost its sheen already. And they show the dust really well.

As invariably seems to be the case with nice looking shoes, I need to wear them in. I’ve survived day 2. Unlike on day 1, I’m at the stage now where I think I could run in them if I had to. I just choose not to.

Oh, and my runners need replacing as well…

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
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Looks like a good choice in sensible footwear! The purchase of new runners could be a little bit more difficult, as you will have to move out of the black shoe range and into the many colours and reflective strips sporting range, which can be fraught with bad purchases … Best of luck to you! Maybe take Miss Marita with you?!

i have a simple solution for my own shoe-buying consternations.
buy one pair of doc marten eight-hole boots in basic black. wear out. buy another pair.
it works for me :-)

RM Williams boots. Expensive, but they’ll bury you in them (or the other thing). Do Not Smell (all leather, even inside)! And *comfortable*…

they look like a model called dover, a very popular shoe. get yourself a pair of shoe trees, these will increase the life of the shoe by drawing moisture out of the shoe after use and by keeping the shoe in shape. try some of the the new casual range of florsheim shoes also, very much on trend.

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