Bada bing!

Heard a rumour on the grapevine earlier in the week that Sopranos DVDs can be found on special at the moment for about $35 per box set. I reckon it’s the best thing on TV at the moment, my favourite, so I dropped past JB’s tonight to pick them up. And there they were, seasons 1 to 4, $34.99 a box. Out with the credit card — purchased. I predict a Sopranos marathon or two at my place at some stage. That’d better be my lot in DVDs until the end of the year. Anything else I want, I’ll plead to my relatives to get for me for my birthday or Christmas.

(For the purists, season 1 isn’t in widescreen, but at $35 for 6 discs, it would be churlish to complain.)

If you follow The Sopranos, and haven’t seen Monday’s episode yet, stop reading here.

Anyway I was at my mum’s on Tuesday and mentioned this little bargain to her and Peter. Ooh, they said, that’s interesting, we’ll check it out. Then: “Did you watch last night? Adriana got killed!”

I nearly choked on my tea. “Don’t tell me that!”, I spluttered. “I taped it and I haven’t watched it yet!”


“It’s on too late, so I tape it and watch it later in the week. Don’t say any more!”


“No more!”

“Oh well, it doesn’t matter that much, there’s other things in that episode”.

Yeah. SURE. Well I got around to watching it tonight, and jeez, there’s other stuff going on, but the whole climax was ruined. With the benefit of unexpected (and unwanted) hindsight, I could see it coming a mile off. No surprise. The twists and turns were completely predictable.

Bloody, bloody, bloody.

By Daniel Bowen

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