28 days

ClocksI’ve been pondering what happened to the alarm clock I ordered through the credit cards award scheme. Damn, given the number of dollars I pumped through the card, they should be delivering it by courier, gift-wrapped within a day of ordering, calling me Sir when they do so and handing over a bonus gold bar. But no, it takes a tad longer than that, and I’m not betting on any gold being involved.

It was ordered on the 29th of June. After a week or two I rang up to ask what was taking so long, and the lady said it takes 28 days. Well, now it’s the 4th of August, which is more than 28 days, right?

I looked again at the web site FAQ:

Please allow a 28 working day delivery period for awards you have redeemed.

28 working days. Sigh. Today, by my calculations, was the 26th working day. Perhaps a little longer to wait then. Obviously they hand craft these things and then let them mature for a couple of weeks before shipping. I’ll hassle them again on Friday, unless by some miracle it shows up before then.

By Daniel Bowen

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WOW! Looks like your new alarm clock is going to be able to wake you up, make you a cappucino, and fly you to the moon, all at the same time! Impressive … if it ever arrives.

Hmm, a cubic clock. It looks like it would need a fair bit of weight in the bottom of it to avoid tipping over when you whack its Snooze button. A bit of Blu tak on the bottom might be a wise investment.

Why don’t you do what I do..? rely on biological clock, I never had any problem, and always puntual, in fact I never own an alarm clock!

(I’m serious, you can train yourself to rely on your own body clock!)

My mum has no alarm clock. Instead she bangs her head on the pillow five times (if she want to get up at 5am) and so forth. Works for her.

I must admit I like the look of the old one better – blends in with the table much better.

And it appears to have an analogue dial so it can be tweaked up to 1850kHz AM to hear ‘Mr Stu’s Saturday late night transmissions’ all the way from his ‘mission booth’ down in Oakleigh Rd!

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