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The Matt factor

At a party on Saturday night, in a huddle with Marita, talking to Trish and a bloke walked up and spoke to Trish. He looked familiar. He looked like the bloke we met at Beth’s party a few weeks ago. But it couldn’t be, could it? Nah. This guy had a beard. Did the other guy have a beard? Mind you it did look awfully like him.

Marita turned to me. “Hey isn’t that the guy we met at Beth’s party?” With totally unwarranted certainty in my voice, I replied no, it can’t be. Because given the two parties involved completely separate circles of friends, the odds would be astronomical. Impossible. No way.

But it was him. Same guy. Matt. (I’d forgotten his name, despite having previously met him at least twice, and him helping Beth write an article for me. I’m terrible with names.) We ended up having a chat and working out how he knew us and how he knew the others at the party. He said he almost invited Beth along. That would have been way too weird.

Our conclusion was that he spends an awful lot of time at parties. Good for him.

It’s a small, small world.

PS. 6 out of 8 in the footy tipping. I’m now leading the work competition by a point, and equal first with Trish in Tony’s comp. If this keeps up, we may have to chop the commemorative urn up into bits.

By Daniel Bowen

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As I commented on Marita’s blog: I reckon Matt is a professional social butterfly. He doesn’t do much aside from go to parties. The world is an unbelievably small place at times!

(I’m not giving up the fight for the ugly trophy either, so lets not talk of chopping it in two just yet! But, I have a feeling that Tony mentioned that the ugly trophy has a larger and uglier partner … first and second prize trophies may be awarded in the end anyway.)

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