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Safeway 10 minutes ago

“I’ll see you out in the street!” he shouted. Us shoppers and the checkout chicks and blokes looked on. The man had a huge gash on his head — dried — a dishevelled appearance and a dog chain in his hand. He repeated his threat to an unknown person in the liquor department, as Safeway people stood around and watched.

He stood back to let some people in, then said it again, mumbling about some injustice. Then he took his dog chain and swung it against a plastic bag recycle bin. It thumped threateningly. Seemingly unaware all eyes were on him, he sauntered out. Three Safeway blokes ran up to the door and locked it.

Has nobody called the cops, I wondered? The Safeway blokes waited a minute, looking out, then unlocked it and went outside to look. I paid for my groceries and warily wheeled out my trolley full of packed calico bags.

Yes, somebody had obviously called the cops. Three police cars were in carpark, and as I wheeled my trolley through, two more arrived, lights flashing, one left parked in the middle of the street, like in the cop shows.

The bloke may not be seeing much of the street tonight.

Five cop cars. I guess despite the occasional hiccup, it really is Safeway.

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
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July 26, 2004 – 8:20AM
Man arrested after bottle shop attacks

A man faces assault and weapons charges after he pulled a knife on two bottle shop attendants in Melbourne yesterday.

The man became involved in an argument at a bottle shop in Carnegie, in Melbourne’s inner south-east, about 6.25pm (AEST) yesterday and became involved in an argument with a staff member. When another staff member appeared the man threatened them with the knife. He returned a short time later with a wooden implement, possibly a bat or an axe handle, and began hitting the front door.

Police arrested a man in the bottle shop car park shortly after the attack. The man, 42, from Carnegie, will face the Melbourne Magistrates Court today. (Found by Tony)

This is the very same Safeway supermarket where (a few months ago) a man was pursued down the street by Safeway employees. The man was later found deceased in the street. I don’t know the full details, but I believe he may have fallen and struck his head.

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