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“Are you seeing them in concert?” asked the JB Hifi lady as I paid for Belle & Sebastian’s startlingly named Dear Catastrophe Waitress. The bloke in front of me in the queue had bitched and moaned to her about trying to return a CD he’d already played, so I was glad I wasn’t feeling her wrath.

“Yep. Got good seats, miraculously.”

No joke. I went looking on the web on Sunday night. Nothing but row X of the dress circle. Up in the rafters. Pondered it, then decided given the cost, I’d give it a miss. On a whim, had another look on Monday night. This time it was row G in the Lounge, which if my reading of the seat map is right, is about 20 rows closer to the stage than row X. It seems better seats had come available. Either that or I’m woefully misreading the map, and it’s so far away you need binoculars to see a set of specs dancing around on the distant stage.

“Where is it — at the Forum?”

“No, the Palais. This Saturday.”

“THIS Saturday? Two, no three days from now?”


“Oh. I was hoping for free tickets. I’d better make a phone call.”

Yeah, good luck lady. Just ‘cos you work for a big CD-selling record shop chain. Some of us have to pay real money for tickets. And as yet I don’t even know if this Belle And Sebastian mob are any good. Somehow they passed me by until now, but on being assured they are very good, observing certain parties mourning about not being able to go, I chased up the tickets, faxing a copy of them through to the aforementioned certain parties yesterday as a surprise. Which it was. Hopefully they’re as dazzling as I’ve been told. Buying the CD was merely an investment: to put it on high rotation for the next few days, thus being familiar with the music I would hear in concert.

While the card transaction went through, JB Hifi lady grabbed her phone/PA. “Someone from CDs, call Philimina when you get a chance.” She handed back my credit card, and the bag with the CD in it. “Thanks for the trigger. Enjoy the show.”

Having spent up on tickets and the CD… I certainly hope so!

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
Opinions on this blog are all mine.

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Yes, they are good. The bloke sometimes sings pretty badly out of tune, which can be a bit grating, but overall- great music and great lyrics.
I discovered them in London when visiting a friend. As a final farewell gesture on the platform of Kings Cross Station he thrust a tape into my hands. I put it on when I returned to Melbourne, and listened to it constantly for months. (the other side of the tape was The Smiths “The Queen is Dead” album, which introduced me to my love for them.) A wonderful gesture!

Yummy Belle and Sebastian. Love them so much, and dying inside that I can’t go and see them because of finance lacking much. Also try “The Boy with the Arab Strap” and “Fold Your Hands Child, you walk Like a A Peasant”, two of their earlier releases. Melodic, inspirational, and easy on the ear. Kind of the musical equivalent of a small girl in a long thick cotton skirt standing on a street corner in the rai… well you get the idea. Also good for the eight hour bus trip to Mildura.

G… you need a helping hand
Tonight it’s the Deb Conway gig at Tony & Rae’s house. Saturday the Belle & Sebastian concert. S’gonna be a very musical weekend.

But on a completely topic, down at Southbank, by the same people who did the Doctor Who drawings, are the go…

Love B&S. They have this ‘wet’ image that is often countered by the acidity of their lyrics. Nice harmonies and lovely melodies, nonetheless. I’ve been playing the recent album for quite a while now. lovely stuff.

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