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I didn’t watch the life expectancy survey thing on Channel 7 last Sunday, though I see a minute or two while channel-flicking. It was showing reams of statistics, read out by an unseen host whose voice I thought I recognised, but who didn’t appear on-screen so I could work out if I was right or not. Then they went to a commercial break. When I flicked back a minute later, there were more statistics, and I still couldn’t work out who was talking. Most irritating. So I looked elsewhere for my viewing.

But I did do their test on the web, which told me:

According to our calculations, you are expected to live to the age of 88.1.

88! That seems like a long way away.

That is of course if my bedroom light doesn’t fall on me. It appears to be coming loose from the ceiling. Tried to ring the repair person at the real estate agent today, but only got her voicemail. Great huh. Just makes me more determined to get myself organised and buy my own house.

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It’s lovely to know that when you are renting, you don’t have to pay to get things fixed. But it’s so frustrating to chase people up to get it done. you’d almost be willing to pay yourself sometimes.


84.8. Not sure if I believe that.

No male relative of mine has died of natural causes in the past century. I had a grandfather who was killed in an accident at work at the age of 88.

PS: Why do they consider driving at excess speed to be a risk factor? I regularly drive 100+ MPH (that’s 160 km/h for all those in civilized countries) and the limits in my country are 65 MPH (105 km/h). The main risk I face is having to pay excess tax to the policemen.

Yeep! 71.5 . . . Of course, I lied and said I live in Victoria. Yeah, you Victorians die young, right? I can safely add another 10-20 years to that, can’t I?

…time to start the mid-life crisis…

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