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Weekend (more-or-less in order)

Crisis on Friday night when a certain girlfriend lost her handbag. It hasn’t shown up yet either. Perhaps the taxi driver liked the look of the two books contained within. And the glasses.

Finally watched Bowling For Columbine. I can’t think of much to say about it than probably hasn’t been said before. I’ll just give it the thumbs up and move on.Thumbs up

Sunday Herald Sun 27/6/2004Got my hair cut on Saturday. Consequently when I went for a walk in the squally wind on Sunday down to the park and the shops, I was definitely in a state of arse freezing offedness. I stood in the park watching the local football club kersplatting some poor other visiting team (Outer-Outer-Beaconsfield rank amateur under 16s or something), wondering how they all kept warm in their shorts and sleeveless jumpers. All that running around helps I suppose. When the locals finished kersplatting the others at full time, they graciously all shook hands and went into the club room for some rousing cheering and singing, and I’m guessing a full-on all-night piss-up.

The local neighbourhood teenagers had been watching the game from the roof of a nearby park equipment shed, in between doing wheelies on their bikes and swearing in excited high-pitched voices. As they mooched off, one straggler swaggering along behind the others tried to do an oh-so-cool spit onto the grass. The wind blew the saliva straight back onto him, leaving him to have to wipe it off his face and jumper.

The SHun article showed up. With me looking slightly grumpy in it. I thought I was doing this for the glory of the organisation, not to be listed as Daniel Bowen, private citizen. Oh well.

The end of the financial year looms. I’ve started sorting out all my bits of paper, and found one which reminded me that as of July 1st, the credit card bonus pointy scheme I’m a member of will change so that one card point will equal only a measely half a Qantas frequent flyer point. So I have two days to decide if I want to convert a bunch of points (I have 48,000 on my Visa Card… yikes, that’s a bit scary actually) for a possible jetsetting long-distance holiday in the future, or if there’s anything in the glossy redemption brochure that might be worth grabbing. The clock/radio looks nice, and would be a worthy replacement for the one I have, whose alarm set time button has just broken.

Tipping. After managing only 5 out of 8 over the split round, I am no longer leading the footy tipping. If this trend continues, looks like Trish might be taking home the perpetual trophy this year. Some visitors to my house might well rejoice at this news. Visitors to Trish’s house, however, may not be quite so delighted.

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
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did marita find her handbag in the end? i also note that she has her own domain name now .. very nice. :-) is that her dog in the picture on the front page of her blog?

pretty funny, that guy spagging on himself .. rotfl! :-D

Aha! 7 out of 8 and I overtake you by 1 point!
Now I just have to keep up my domination of the tipping competition and find a place in my cupboard (the deepest, darkest cupboard in the house) for the perpetual urn …

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