Finding Nemo

Andrew Bolt meets BruceFinally got around to watching Finding Nemo on Friday night. Great stuff. My favourite characters would have to be the seagulls. “Mine!” I think they captured them perfectly.Thumbs up

It made me recall Andrew Bolt’s critique of the movie. It’s a terrific laugh, as Boltie usually is. I always make sure to check out what he’s been ranting about. Whether it’s intentional or not he seems to very nicely fulfil the cliche of the rabid right-wing columnist. I don’t think his piece on Finding Nemo is online anymore, but I’ve dug it out of the marvellous Gulliver public library archive. Enjoy (Note he thought the seagulls say “Mate!” Hmmm).

Can’t wait to see what he has to say about Play School’s “two mummies” segment.

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“Forced” my daughter to watch it with me on Saturday night. First time I had seen the entire movie myself. We loved it. My favourite character is Bruce the shark with Dory a very close second. I wouldn’t hesitate to watch it again.

Re Playschools “Two Mummies” – what a load of carrying on people did. I was under the impression that our national broadcaster was supposed to be independent and here we have the idiot minister cracking the what-nots because the ABC dared to suggest that an increasing number of families actually have to mummies, or, even worse, two daddies. Grow up you nerd! That’s life now – though if he feels more comfortable with his head in the sand – I say let sleeping dogs lie.

Oh honestly, whoever thought that the seagulls were saying “Mate” and not “Mine!” had to be hearing impaired. The first time I saw the film I knew they were saying “mine”, because hey, that’s what seagulls do. Sheesh.

Bolt is a whipping post for those whose lives demand such a thing. A bogey man, in other words; whose (outrageous) opposing views strengthens cohesion among “forward thinkers”. They love to hate him.

I’ve never heard of Ellen Degenerate.

I HAVE heard of degenerates.

When I first saw Finding Nemo I thought the seagulls were saying “Mike”. No idea why, or who Mike might be – just one of my weird moments. Great film though.

oh and my fav scene:
…*bang bang*
“sorry, we can’t come to the door right now, we’re trying to escape. Can you come back later?”

I heard “mate!” the first time I saw the fillum too, if you assume they had a strong strine accent. On second viewing I realized “mine” fit their characters better and I had just done a mondegreen on the first time round.

Saw Shrek2 last night…it was OK, but not a patch on the Pixar films, IMHO.

consider me deaf, because i was also convinced that the seagulls were saying, “mate”. it seemed to fit, since they were supposedly australian.

btw .. what is this ‘mondegreen’ which brian smith refers to?

I saw it in the cinema and was also absolutely convinced they were saying “mate”. Haven’t seen it since, but all my friends disagree with me..

Damn, and I thought *my* hearing was dodgy. Okay can someone with the DVD (I only rented it) turn the subtitles on, and let us know for certain?

I thought they were saying “Mate”. I thought it was really funny. Seems to work with either wording…the seagulls were memorable either way.

A mondegreen is when you mishear lyrics eg “Excuse me while I kiss this guy” instead of “kiss the sky”

Thumbs up to Brian…not many people know the word mondegreen!

Thanks Wish_ga – I think it’s a cool word :) It comes from the first reported account of mishearing lyrics where “laid him on the green” was heard as “Lady Mondegreen”. It almost certainly wasn’t the first, but it’s a good to have a new word to describe new situations. Anyone have Douglas Adams’ The Meaning of Liff and The Deeper Meaning of Liff books ? Worth a small fortune on eBay last time I looked.

My subtitles say “mine” (I rented the movie again last night.) SK thought people might hear “mate” because when yanks try to do an Australian accent, they really play on the ‘Strine aspect of it. “Gid-day Mite!”

Another mondegreen is “Alex the Seal!” for “Our Lips Are Sealed” by the Go-Gos.

EVERYONE SAYS THE SEAGULLS WERE SAYING MINE!!! Surely they’d be saying “mate” it was set in AUSTRALIA PPL!

Rob, why don’t you have a proper listen to it, or check the subtitles, or have a think about the context. Contrary to what some may think, Australians don’t automatically say “Mate!” to everyone all the time.

Some people are having problems believing the seagulls in Finding Nemo were saying “Mine!”. Apart from issues surrounding the operation of the human ear, some have ignored the evidence of how seagulls behave and the context of the dialogue. One perso…

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