Geek TV

Geek TV

Just watched Seven Wonders of the Industrial World. Historic geek TV goes prime time. It told of The Great Eastern, Brunel’s doomed gigantic ship. It was in the style of a dramatised documentary, with interviews of the major protagonists as the story unfolded, and didn’t shy away from mentioning the horrific toll of industrial accidents and child labour of the times. Very interesting. Next episode is about the Brooklyn Bridge — I’m looking forward to it.Thumbs up!

5 out of 8 in the footy tipping. Could be worse/could be better.

Looked at a house today. Egads. Major renovation required to make it liveable. Starts with the outdoor toilet and just goes downhill from there. The kids came along with me, and all they could talk about for ten minutes afterwards was how appalling it was (especially the toilet — could be a history lesson in there). Explains why the advertising contains absolutely no pictures of the interior.

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