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4 cloth bags for $72 of groceries tonight.

1 Mars Lava bar included in the aforementioned shopping, after the subject of this new flavour seemed to continually creep into the conversation over the weekend. Yum.

6 correct in the footy tips for the weekend.

103.9 cents per litre for petrol. Damn, that should be a radio station, not a petrol price. Thankfully I don’t need to fill up yet.

9 years of age Isaac turned on Saturday.

3 movies I have seen recently with Bob Balaban in them.

461 thousand that house I was looking at last week sold for. They originally quoted 390+. Ouch. I’ve got to find something cheaper.

12 plates, 10 glasses, 7 mugs, 2 saucepans, innumerable pieces of cutlery waiting in the kitchen to be washed. Better get on with it.

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Its amazing how long we’ve used plastic bags for and how quickly the general public has accepted clith bags as soon as the major outlets have put them up for sale. It’s just a shame it took Woolies et al 15 years to organise it.

It is good to hear how australia is big in the cloth bag department, here in argentina life is still in the 80s and people give out plastic bags as if they are going out of style and look at you weirdly if you deny a plastic bag when given one.

hmm perhaps i will sew some cloth bags to use here in canada. But on someones tip i will make them HUGE (not shallow)

I tried to find the prior diary entry about the house (stats, location), but couldn’t. So I’m trying to figure out what exactly made it so expensive.

We had to move way out to the “boondocks” here in Washington (20 miles north of downtown Seattle) to be able to afford a nice 4-bedroom home in a decent school district. But I just ran the AUD to USD conversion on those numbers you quoted, and at either price, it was more expensive than ours.

Is property in Melbourne getting as expensive as in Seattle, or were you looking at a bit of a fantasy house?

Greg, I’ve linked it to the online listing now. You will note the complete absence of pictures of the inside of the house… not uncommon when it’s in dire need of renovation!

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