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Quick reviews: TV/film/phone

The Simple Life. After reading a pretty funny article previewing this show the other week, I thought I’d give it a look. It sounded funny. And it was, kinda. I mean, I know they’ve probably spent a lot of time editing this show to make Paris and Nicole seem stupid, but they wouldn’t have been able to do it if the raw material wasn’t there. However after 45 minutes of it (including a 15 minute break where I went outside and hung laundry on the line) I couldn’t take any more. Those two really seem to barely have a brain cell between them. It was getting excruciating. I don’t think I can face watching it again.Thumbs down

Lost in Translation. Funny, poignant, full of mesmerising Blade Runner-esque scenery. Bill Murray looking older than ever before (make-up, or does he really look like that now?) Great soundtrack. Terrific movie, very enjoyable.Thumbs up

Motorola E365 phone. This new phone is getting irritating. Possibly it’s mostly that I’m so used to the Nokia-style user interface on phones, but there’s also stuff I simply can’t seem to do on this phone. I can’t get it to display no background — it only lets you choose between various garish inbuilt wallpaper images or a photo of your choosing. After copying all the numbers from the SIM card into the phone, I couldn’t wipe them all from the SIM so they wouldn’t show up twice on the list — had to put the SIM back in the old Nokia to do it. I can’t label some numbers as “fax” or “work” or “home” without adding that to the name — and the name is limited to only 16 characters. There is no way of making the ring start off quietly and get louder. I can’t even look at the smegging time on demand — it only seems to show it when the phone has been idle for a minute or two. This is all beginning to annoy me far too much, and I’ve rung up the phone company and am arranging to return it in favour of something else.Thumbs down

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
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5 replies on “Quick reviews: TV/film/phone”

Its gets better, the sequel to that “show” apparently will have the two of them on a road trip. Wonder if they know how to drive or if it’ll be by limo.

Yeah I don’t think Motorola ever had a clue with mobile phone manufacturing. When you go for a new, odd-ball type of phone plan (usually with a cheap price) you often miss out on the good phones (ie the Nokias).

But one way around the ridiculous background would be to install a ‘photo’ of a black or white screen, and tell it to use that.

I too read that article and thought it might be worth checking out. It definitely wasn’t. Utter utter trash. I honestly can’t believe that people are that stupid, but I guess when you’ve never had to do anything for yourself… Look what how you end up.

My partner’s first phone was a Motorola and it had the most dreadful difficult menu but it looked nice, for its time. My present Ericsson is nearly two years old and it is my fourth Ericsson and it seems to do everything that you mention. Nearly time for a new one though and it will probably be a Sony Ericsson. Every complaint I have had about the older ones has been rectified on the next model and this one I cannnot really find fault with.

want a plain background? click one with the camera stupid!

wanna see the time ? get a friggin’ watch!what are you,a pansy for not wearing a watch even?

All nokia users seem to have lost brainpower.Cant even adjust to a different menu ! all right , go buy a nokia camera phone for twice that price!sheesh…you’re a baby!

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