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Friday the 13th

Ah, Friday the 13th, traditional for bad luck. So, what bad luck did I have on Friday the 13th? Erm… none really so far. (Admittedly the day is not over yet.)

This morning I slept through my alarm, which had been cunningly set to play the radio very very quietly. I blissfully slept until almost 8am, but since I didn’t have to be anywhere in a hurry, one might almost call this good luck. And yesterday I left my yearly ticket at home. It cost me an extra $5 to get to work and back, but not exactly fatal.

But just in case you are tempted to relax, thinking that nothing bad really happens on Friday the 13th, take note of this: a colleague of mine was in a rush this morning. He left the house with his laptop computer and some folders. Realised before he got to the car that he’d left something behind. Put them down, ran back into the house, got what he’d forgotten, and then came back and got in the car.

He drove out of his driveway, wondering why the car felt a little odd to drive. Stopped, got out, looked, couldn’t see anything askew. Drove off down the road. Realised a short time later that his laptop and folders were not in the car. Went back to find folders of paper strewn across the road, and the laptop computer missing, presumed stolen. Argh. He showed me one of the folders he recovered. Yep. Tyre marks.

So, there you have it. Some people do have bad luck on Friday the 13th.

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
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4 replies on “Friday the 13th”

Today was Friday the 13th wasn’t it? Wow. I had a singularly pleasant day. Nothing untoward at all.

Okay, the May Ball I wanted to go to sold out – but hell, there are others.

Other than that, little of note. Attended class, went to a talk, had a coffee, completed a scholarship application. Drank three pints, smoked cigar, went to party.

Typical day really.

Other than the cigar. Don’t know how that happened.

See, I would have just got on without a ticket and talked my way out of it when I got to the city. I guess given your position that would not have looked good if you were caught.

Oh, I got booked for fare evasion when I was Secretary of the PTUA. I deliberately got the story into the media. Everyone knows lots of passengers who make genuine mistakes or are prevented by the system from buying a ticket get booked.

In my job I have one rostered day off every four weeks and you can choose the day yourself. I always choose to have my RDO on a Friday the 13th, which I did last Friday.

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