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Fire drill

Had a fire drill today. The fact that we knew about it in advance made it easier. We probably weren’t meant to, but one of the fire wardens had helpfully given all of us a photocopy of the drill schedule. Took something of the element of surprise out of it, though even the skivers who managed to avoid the last one decided to participate this time.

Knowing about it in advance meant that when the floor warden did eventually wander around the floor announcing our imminent evacuation due to a bomb scare, some people just smirked, and he quickly worked out that the drill was common knowledge.

The smirks turned to muffled laughter when we went to evacuate and the fire warden couldn’t figure out how to open the door to the stairs. Someone helpfully pointed out the “Press here to exit” button, and we were away.

Wasn’t too bad — walking down 8 flights of stairs is a lot easier than 28, which it was at the last building I worked in. After the All Clear was given, rather than queue for the lifts to get back up to work, I went for a walk around the block in the sunshine.

By Daniel Bowen

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