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Found objects

I was driving my car.

I was driving my car and sitting at a traffic light.

I was driving my car and sitting at a traffic light in Wurend… Wudrunj… [checks Melway] Wurundjeri Way.

I was driving my car and sitting at a traffic light in Wurundjeri Way when I saw a white car stop next to me.

I was driving my car and sitting at a traffic light in Wurundjeri Way when I saw a white car stop next to me and a window opened and a lit cigarette was thrown out.

Man that pisses me off. I mean, every car has a fully functioning ash tray in every door. It’s surely more effort to open the window, chuck it out, close the window than it is to just put it in the ash tray.

So I scrabbled around in the glovebox (which very rarely has gloves in it, by the way) for a piece of paper and a pen to write down the details so I could dob them in so they can have a nice $200 fine for their trouble. Ha. That’ll teach the littering bastards.

Mysterious headphone thingWhen I put the pen away, I noticed this odd headphony hands-free thing for a mobile phone in the glovebox. It’s not mine. I don’t know whose it is. I don’t know how long it’s been there. I’ve been trying to think of who I’ve given a lift to recently and whether they had a phone that looked like it might fit it, and even if they owned such a device, why on earth they’d choose to leave it in my glovebox. I’ve asked around my family, and nobody knows. It doesn’t fit anybody’s phone. Weird.

Was it placed there by aliens? A plant from Nokia to encourage me to upgrade my phone? Mysterious secret agents who borrowed my car when I wasn’t looking and used this device to communicate with other, equally mysterious secret agents to protect some foreign dignitary? Or just a forgetful mechanic who took my car for a test drive perhaps?

If anybody reading recognises it as theirs, or just wants it (the sticker on the back suggests it might fit a Nokia 3310 or 8210 phone), or if you have any wild theories on where the hell it came from, let me know.

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
Opinions on this blog are all mine.

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woops, like, one night i was going home and it was really late, and i couldn’t be assed walking, so i stole your car, but then in the morning my car wouldn’t start, and i was late for work. i couldn’t be stuffed waiting for the nrma so i went to where i’d dumped your car, hotwired it again, and dropped it back where i’d found it (only on the opposite side of the road to spin you out). I’d been chatting to someone on my mobile while driving. just leave it in the glovebox, i’ll pick it up one night when i’m walking home again :-)

Regarding that phone thing, the clue’s in the plug.

The picture shows it is a 2.5mm with four connections and three black rings. This is different to standard stereo headphone plugs (3.5 or 6.5mm, 3 connections).

The label is correct – that plug will fit a Nokia 3310 or 8210. It will also fit a 3315, 8250 or 8310. That those models weren’t included on the desription dates it somewhat.

It will not fit most of the newer Nokias such as the 6610, 7210 or 5100; these have a horrible and fragile little ‘pop port’ connection. Neither will it suit the 5110 or 6110; these also had a connection somewhat similar to the pop-port.

Many Motorola phones have a plug that at first glance looks similar, but it only has three connections, not four.

And thus endeth this screed on the intricacies of esoteric phone connections!

Good one dobbing in the smoker ditching the butt. I hate that. Dont they know that kind of thing starts fires, or at the very least ends up being washed into the ocean? Bastards

Congratulations! Well-done. Being a dobber is public-spirited! And heroic! My word yes! And what’s more, those criminal dog walkers who fail to pick up their mutt’s shit should have to wear number plates too. How else can we decent-living shit-fearing gentlefolk pull a nark on ’em? (Apart from following them home, that is. Which I have done several times. Public- Spirited, that’s me!)

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