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The ticket inspector on the tram the other week was incredibly polite “Thank you very much” when he noticed I had a yearly ticket. He wasn’t to know that I’d bought it on the last day of last year to avoid the price rise, saving about $200 in the process.

The guy in the desk next to me at work has only shown up for two half-days in the last (almost) two weeks. Obviously has very relaxed working hours.

After the whole etiquette thing the other week, I now feel obligated to snatch my bag off the seat next to me on the train as soon as there is the merest hint of crowding.

From the top of the hill in Footscray Park on Monday afternoon, was able to hear the Hoodoo Gurus playing the Big Day Out. Well, when the wind was blowing in the right direction.

Lots of infected e-mails flying around with the latest worm/virus in them, causing general virus-type havoc. What’s doubly annoying is the warning messages I get from other people’s mail servers telling me I sent an infected mail. No I didn’t: these things fake the “From” address deliberately. Even the detailed geeky mail headers (such as “Message-Id”) show they didn’t come from me. My machines are clean, thank you very much.

Saw Cathy Freeman having a coffee in Centre Place last night as I was walking to the station to go home.

School is back today. I can’t quite believe Jeremy is in grade 1 already – let alone Isaac being in grade 3.

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That’s Isaac and Phee in Grade 3. Is it just me or do they seem to be older in a different way this year? ALl of a sudden there’s this growth. Not just the regular “gee you’re taller”, but a maturity of sorts.

You are lucky to have them. Here in Perth we only have multi-ride tickets (10 or 40). Makes the ad-hoc trip rather expensive.

i’d like to know when someone is going to teach cathy freeman to not end her sentences with an ‘up’ inflection as though every sentence? is like she’s asking? a question? it makes her sound like a dumb blonde .. which she obviously isn’t. :-D

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