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Mowing part II

The mowing kids from D&K Mowing were back yesterday for their second round of battle with the grass and weeds. A week early according to my diary, but they reckoned we’d agreed it would be brought forward. Whatever, the jungle-like area at the back of the garden needed to be attacked at some stage, so they were more than welcome.

Perhaps unexpectedly they eschewed the option of napalm, and instead went for the whipper-snipper. Obviously a whipper-snipper can be a dangerous device in the hands of youth (anybody remember the D’Generation’s “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” parody “The Glen Waverley Whipper-Snipper Massacre”?). So the accompanying parent of this entrepreneurial gardening venture initially operated the device. Then he handed it over to David (or was it Keith?) and supervised for a while as the long grass was cut down to size. When the whipper-snipper portion of the work was completed, the accompanying parent went back to the stationwagon and had a gentle snooze while the work continued apace.

In under an hour, they were finished, and although there’s still some out of control growth along one side of the garden to be worked on. Still, at a cost of about $30 every 4 weeks or so, I’m more than willing to have them keep coming.

By Daniel Bowen

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Oh, $30!!!! Some poor kiddie got tortured and cut in a Victorian country town for his lawn mowing money, all of $5. With that sort of pay rate no wonder the National Party is known as the Country/Socialist Party.

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