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This morning I dreamt I was sitting on a tram, with my kids and a platonic friend who turned out to be Deborah from
Men Behaving Badly
, when an ex-girlfriend (one I had taken some time getting over) got on the tram and sat nearby. Her hair was different – much longer, and dyed purple. She was dressed in work gear, but looked the worse for wear… older, or something. We exchanged glances, and smiles. She asked how I was, and if I was happy with Deborah. I said oh no, I wasn’t with Deborah.

That’s all. Odd.

As I write this, the noise from a mower in the front garden pervades the normal Sunday morning tranquillity. The good people from D&K mowing are here, finally dealing with my grass and weed excess problem. D&K Mowing turns out to be a couple of teenagers called David and Keith. With a bunch of equipment including a noisy mower and rakes galore. Cool. Better them than me.

12:34pm. They’re still here (two and a half hours and counting). And they’ve just called in a parent with a whipper snipper.

12:55pm. Finished, except a jungle-type bit at the very back of the back garden which the mower choked on – they say they’ll do it next time. $75, money well spent to sit around relaxing while they did all the hard work!

By Daniel Bowen

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