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Disturbing, smug, sorted

Yesterday’s most disturbing sight: seeing others working here (not necessarily workmates, as I don’t work with them, just near them) dressing up as Matrix characters. One woman as Carrie Anne Moss in the full black leather(ish) getup, one bloke doing a less fully-encompassing but nonetheless distinct Keanu. Disappointingly no martial arts moves, but the image of middle-managers in their 40s impersonating Trinity and Neo is not one that will leave me in a hurry.

Slightly smug this morning at reading that my high school and its sister school (which was also, perhaps confusingly, my sister’s school) trounced the private schools in VCE results this year. Not that I personally had anything to do with it – indeed my own VCE performance is best described as "good enough to get into the uni course I wanted while expending minimum effort". But it’s pleasing to see that the government schools can triumph over the piles of money poured from all directions into the private schools.

Hooray – my most worrisome Christmas presents: those for my sister and her husband, are organised. As I sat in the office last night filling time until the Blog Meetup (a small attendance – tut tut to those who didn’t make the effort for the last one of the year), I pondered what I would buy them. With only a few days left until The Day Itself, I eschewed the 400 gazillion square metres of retail outlets in the vicinity of work and instead hit Amazon UK. A few dozen clicks and �48.93 later, it was all sorted. A bunch of stuff in gift wrapping with personal (though undoubtedly not in my handwriting) greetings, which – hopefully – they’ll like and will arrive on time. Where would I be without online shopping? More organised, hopefully.

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