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Everything old is renovated again

[My old place post-renovation]
My old place post-renovation. I’ll have to have a nose around when I get the chance.

I was told that yesterday my car was in bits all over some engine shop’s floor. Well, actually what the guy said (with baited breath) was that they had to go into the cylinder to adjust the flange sprocket wotsits, and it wouldn’t be ready until today. So in the meantime I’ve been getting the kids to school on the bus, and then walking to the station to go to work. It all takes some patience, though the extra walking is undoubtedly doing us some good.

So this morning as I walked to the station, I happened to pass my old place, and noticed that they’ve finished the renovation, and the For Sale board has gone up out front again. It’s only a few months since I moved out, but with a new funky sandy colour scheme, it looks completely different.

The pictures online seem to be from my old flat (or the almost-identical one downstairs), and I’ll be interested to have a nose around it when it’s open for inspection. I wonder if they’ve fixed the pre-renovation flaws. In the interests of potential buyers, I’ll list them here:

  • the spot in the bathroom that was almost impossible to fit a washing machine into
  • the taps in the garden nowhere near the drains
  • the dampness leaking through from the shower into one bedroom
  • the central heating for the downstairs front flat was in the ceiling, so it effectively heated both front flats

And they claim to have wedged 14 car spaces into the carpark. I’m really wondering how they’ve managed that, unless they give you a crowbar as you drive in.

By Daniel Bowen

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