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Snippets from the last few days

A long time school friend’s mum died of cancer on Thursday. Such a horrible thing for their family, all I can do is pass on condolences from my family.

Film crew blocking off Hardware Street on Saturday, making me more late for lunch than I had previously been. Crowd control consisted of a woman in a safety vest dragging on a cigarette, not even pretending to be interested. "What are they filming?" "Oh it’s a short film." "What’s it about?" "Dunno." Judging from the costumes, it appeared to be set in the 1940s, but who knows.

Mowed some of the lawn on Sunday. Bloody lawn. Why’s it have to grow so fast? No time for niceties, so ruthlessly chopped down all the daisies, decorative though they looked. Beginning to see the appeal of covering the lot in concrete. Or Astro-Turf.

The latest bombardments of spam seem to include something about someone called "Par1s H1lt0n". Haven’t investigated as I don’t read spam, and aren’t about to start.

Bloke walking down the street from the station this morning, waving a long umbrella around like a baton, switching it from hand to hand at random, oblivious to the rest of the hordes around him trying to hurry to work. Hope it didn’t have a poison tip. Obviously a frustrated marching band member.

Met up with a TV reporter on Spring Street, and after chatting to him a dishevelled bloke (who looked like a combination of Michael Moore and one of Michael Palin’s Monty Python tramps) buttonholed him and said he (the reporter) should do a story about how he (the bloke) had been responsible for the break-up of The Beatles. Uh huh.

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