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Preparing for Christmas

Is this a world record? The first Christmas card for this year arrived on Monday, from one of my English uncles. I know they’ve had a postal strike recently there – maybe he was greatly concerned that if he didn’t get it into the post now, they’d call a snap strike and he wouldn’t be able to get the card to me on time. It could spell disaster, of course. Western civilisation could easily fall if Christmas cards couldn’t be delivered. So fair enough.

Despite my hatred of promotion of Christmas before December, I have actually done some of my Christmas shopping already. ‘Cos you’ve got to take advantage of the pre-Christmas rush sales when you can. Most of the kiddy Christmas gifts are taken care of. The kids and my young cousin Luke are getting Lego, every one of them. One of the sets is so damn cool I wouldn’t mind it for myself, but I’ll just have to be content with offering building assistance. (And maybe playing with it when they’re not here.)

At some stage in the next few weeks I’d better buy a batch of cards and start working my way through the address book and getting them into the post, with the overseas people first in the queue. And then comes the tricky bit – the presents for the adults. I may seem organised, getting started early like this, but I’m bound to be dashing around in a mad panic the week before Christmas, figuratively and literally wrapping things up.

By Daniel Bowen

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