Instant movie review: Matrix Revolutions. Visually spectacular, one would expect. Plot? Uhh, well they had a bunch of stuff to tie up, obviously. Probably less dialogue gobbledygook this time, more visual action. Yeah, it was okay.[Thumbs up]

Someone, and I can’t remember who (it might have been my sister, it might have been someone at work, it might have been the barber on Friday night), joked to me the other day that when all three Matrix movies come out in a DVD box set, it should be called The Matrices.

And as it was the first time I’d watched a movie in Gold Class… well, I could get used to that, definitely. It’s like combining the big screen of the movies with the comfort of your own arm chair and food served when you want it (though I was wondering if you can get it during particular scenes instead of times).[Thumbs up]

PS. I still think the whole concept of The Matrix was lifted from Doctor Who.

By Daniel Bowen

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