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A taxing time

Argh. Damn tax. Here we are, the 28th of October, and my tax return is due in 3 days. This would normally not be so much of a problem, but after having moved, I fear the relevant paperwork is strewn in various obscure locations right around the house. Okay so maybe I’m worrying too much and by some miracle I correctly filed it all as it arrived. Dunno, I start hunting tonight.

The second complication is that, being a big fat cat capitalist contractor that I am, I have an accountant who normally does a lot of the form-filling. This is okay in theory, but in fact I have always found finding the paperwork to be the tricky bit, not filling in the form. No matter. But it adds the complication that I have to arrange to drop in the paperwork with him once I’ve found it.

I think I’m just going to have to resign myself to the fact that (gasp) my tax won’t be in on time this year. I don’t suppose for a minute that this will result in the ATO bursting through my door, guns blazing at 4am on Saturday morning, nor that I’m going to be the only one in the country who fails to put in their return by the deadline, but this won’t stop me feeling guilty about it until it’s done.

By Daniel Bowen

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