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Condom flowers
Decorative, and safe as well: Condom flowers

As the lines between new media (and I’m specifically talking about the web here) and old media start to blur, one might expect to see some of the attributes of the old starting to sneak through into the new. Like product endorsement, for example.

Could this happen? Quite possibly. Some of the new media have reached quite dizzying heights, becoming major players in their own right, especially in the IT world, where such sites as The Register andCNet have become respected and influential news sources. Even in general media, there are such players as theDrudge Report and uhhh… uhhh… I’m sure there must be others, I just can’t think of them right now.

And then there’s the minor players. The tiny minor titchy players. Like me. Now, I couldn’t claim to be influential or famous. I’ve never been recognised on the train. (Well okay maybeonce.) Could someone trying to get their message across approach me for an endorsement? Would I take on a product or cause, and if I did, would anybody at all notice?

The Burnet Institutecontacted me last week about their work in HIV, and over a hot chocolate gave me a heap of publicity info and some terrific condom flowers, which they use for publicity and fundraising. As you can see from the picture, they look rather stunning in this vase on my bookcase.

Burnet do research and education into HIV, particularly in the third world. In parts of Africa and Asia HIV is already endemic, not only among the homosexual population, but also among heterosexuals. One of Burnet’s primary aims is to help stop it spreading further by the use of education and assisting government programmes in places like Laos, as well as looking at related health issues. A worthwhile cause if ever I heard one.

Apparently you can buy the flowers at Condom Kingdom in Prahran, and Burnet will be holding a fundraiser event later in the year. And if you want to send anybody avirtual bouquet of condom flowers, well, now you can!


By Daniel Bowen

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