Mind-numbingly dull

Thank goodness The Batchelor 3 has finished. Now that was a show that I found seriously boring. I had to sit through it waiting for the Sopranos or Six Feet Under to start. And I don’t actually watch those shows when they’re on – no, I tape them and watch them later in the week. This is a show that I found deadly boring just to fast-forward through. I can’t imagine how mind-numbingly dull it could be to actually watch it. Anyway is it the same Batchelor back for another go at a bevy of women, or some other slick haired dark suited bloke? I can’t tell.

Now Survivor 17: Lost In Studley Park (or something like that) has replaced it. Hopefully it won’t be quite so dull to fast-forward through. I’ve managed to remain almost untainted by reality TV shows in fact. My real life takes up far too much time to waste on them. Though I will confess I have on occasions done late-night ironing while watching The Amazing Race. But I’ll let that one slip through because basically I’m admiring the spectacular European scenery.

Oh, and I admit the promos for Queer Eye For The Straight Guy caught my eye, though I forgot to watch it on Monday night. It’s a fun idea, though of course it’s all based around clichés. I’ve met some straight men with impeccable taste, and some gay men with utterly appalling taste. In fact there’s a parody idea right there.

Meanwhile, the ISP most of my e-mail goes through has been having severe problems. Supposedly there is a huge amount of spam flying around at the moment – up to 50% above the previous levels, which sent their mail server into meltdown mode. They reckoned a few days ago that they’d fixed it by putting in some kind of filtering device. Uh uh.

Whatever their filtering device might do, it’s not up to the job, because we’re back in meltdown again today. Very annoying – I mean, if e-mail is being delayed for hours, how can I send timely replies to my favourite correspondents? This’ll probably be the impetus to finally get me to dump them and change my main e-mail address – something I’ve been meaning to do since it became apparent how much spam it gets bombarded with every day. So anyway if you’ve written to me recently and I’ve apparently ignored you, try again:db at danielbowen dot com.

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
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