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Last night I trudged home from the station in the darkness about 7pm. As I passed a house, I heard a strange sound from the garden. Without slowing down I glanced around, and if I didn’t know better, I’d swear I made out the shape of a man was standing next to the fence, and from the sounds of it, he was urinating into the flowerbed. Now, I assume that he either lives there or owns the place or quite possibly both, in which case he has a perfect right to urinate into the flowerbed. All I’m saying is it’s not something I do.

I have given up, for the moment, reading To The Lighthouse. It’s a fabulous book, but really needs way more attention than I feel I can give it right now. It’s not the sort of book for skimming through, or grabbing a few minutes here and there on the train with. It needs the kind of dedicated reading time I simply don’t have at the moment because I am SO DAMN BUSY, so I have cut my losses (a $2.20 library fine, to be precise) and returned it. For now.

Today the city was awash with footy fans, for the Grand Final parade. Okay, so maybe I have the misfortune to go for a teamthat seems to give up about halfway through the season the last few years, but the atmosphere is great around this time of year, especially with all the Brisbane fans visiting from interstate, wandering around not knowing where anything is, blocking the footpaths. Luckily the rain held off until after the parade had finished, anyway. Going to a Grand Final BBQ atTony &Rae’s place tomorrow – hopefully it won’t rain and we can make plenty of noise in their backyard and annoy their

And amazing news tonight. Doctor Who is coming back. Like, really coming back. Like, new episodes.On the telly. Really. Truly. Wow.

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