Well I think I’ve got my new neighbour at work housetrained. Now when he makes a speakerphone call, he closes his office door beforehand. And everybody’s happy.

The guy who is in Mr Speakerphone’s former office seems very quiet. No booming laugh, no loud meetings with the door open, and no speakerphone calls. He does, however, wear a bum bag around the office.

Also after a worrying week when the supplies of milk and teabags (and coffee, though I don’t use it, what do you think I am, some kind of latte-slurping caffeine junkie?!) were so scarce that it was BYO teabag and black tea for a while, civilisation has returned, as someone has been organised enough to get all the supplies back in. With a bonus –Milo, for those who shun tea and coffee, and instead crave the sophisticated flavour of chocolate milk.

Yes, that was me you may have heard on 3AW orGold-FM yesterday. With mypublic transport advocacy hat on, I’ve started doing some media. This is not something quite I’m used to, and I need to do some work on finding the fine balance between speaking reasonably and finding something moderately inflammatory to say so the media run it. I also need practice at not sounding like I’m half asleep, even if I am, and being able to come up spontaneously with an angle on the day’s hot topic that I may not have been aware of before the journos ring. It’ll be an interesting learning experience.

11pm. Josh gave me a shout to say that Rove are doing the "dropping computers from a great height" thing. Damn copycats.

Today marks 13 years of the Toxic Custard mailing list, which predated this web site by about 5 years. It was all a bit silly, really, but it continues to keep me and others amused.

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