Buying shampoo seems to get more and more difficult, at least for us blokes. I went into the supermarket the other day to buy (among other things) a new bottle of the shampoo I’ve been using. One of those
Herbal Essences
ones, which I like despite the wanky advertising. Apparently it’s got mountain spring water in it, which I bet makes a lot of difference when I’m in the shower every morning flooding my hair withMelbourne catchment area water.

So I was looking at the bottles – and thank goodness that haven’t changed them like some of the manufacturers do, into some high-tech 22nd century black plastic funky bottle-oid shape. But which one do I need? I assume my hair is "normal". It seems pretty normal to me. A little too long at the moment perhaps, but that’s probably within the allowed definition of "normal".

In the "normal" range, there were two options, and I couldn’t remember which one of these I’d bought last time. Was it the "balancing moisture" variety or the "clarifying/residual removal" one? Does my hair’s moisture need balancing? I don’t know. Sounds okay – couldn’t hurt I suppose.

Why don’t they make one which just cleans your hair? Okay, there was another one for all types of hair, the anti-dandruff variety. That’s probably closer to just cleaning hair, but do I have dandruff? Hell no! At least I certainly hope not. I haven’t spotted any fluffy bits of it left on my clothes. Yeurgh.

I eventually decided that balancing moisture sounded pretty harmless, and bought that. Evidently it’s what I decided last time too, as the bottle was identical to the almost empty one at home.

So my hair’s moisture will continue to be balanced. Lucky me.

. After work tonight I stopped past Myer’s post-stocktake sale sale. My favourite shirts on sale! Bought a white one, and one that looked bluish. Got them home and realised the bluish one is actually identical to the one I had on at the time. Argh, grumble grumble, blame the poor lighting, and the fact that I’m a bit colour-blind, grumble grumble. On the other hand, I really like this colour, even though I suspect it’s what
meant when she once referred to "the blue shirt every man owns". Now tossing up whether or not to return it.

By Daniel Bowen

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Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
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