Cleanout Daniel’s Flat Day

I think I may have let the dishes go for a bit too long…

Ah, that’s better.

11am. I have declared Sunday to be Cleanout Daniel’s Flat Day. It really needs to happen – I need to get rid of the junk I don’t need, otherwise moving next month is going to be an absolute misery. In order that I may make some serious progress today, shortly I will do something I very rarely do: I will shut down the computer for the day. That should prevent distractions of the "Hey, my e-mail inbox needs a clearout – at counts as tidying, doesn’t it?" type.

So, the computer will remain off until at least 7pm. No doubt I’ll write an update then, bemoaning that I didn’t get more done.

"I’m going offline now. I may be some time."

7:30pm. Okay, some good progress – special thanks toCoralie who was the one who suggested turning off the computer! For me – a certified member of Netaholics Anonymous, that in itself was probably an achievement.

I cleared a lot of stuff out of my own room – a fair bit of stuff I don’t want or need anymore. Still a lot of work to do over the coming weeks, but off to a good start. I ended up with three piles: stuff to give to people I know, stuff to chuck in the bin, and clothes to give to charity.

This afternoon I took the third pile in bags to the charity bins by the railway station. Only to find that the charity bins have vanished, a consequence of too many morons dumping rubbish in them. D’oh. I’ll give them to an opp shop… preferably one not too close to home – I have no wish to see my old clothes walking the streets again. It might remind me of how shabby I looked in them.

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