Word of mouth

Last night I decided to check out the video shop down in South Caulfield, which according to legend will rent you out a video or DVD for no more than $2.50. In this day and age, when that
Blockbuster mob
are charging closer to $7 or something ridiculous like that, that is a bargain which cannot be ignored. My own local video place is a tad cheaper than the Blockbusters of the world, and I generally prefer to patronise small local shops, managed by small, local people. But my local video place has proven time and time again that, especially in the range of DVDs, they’re crap.

So, to South Caulfield. And yes, the legends are true, they do rent out stuff for $2.50. Even less, some things. Their identity requirements are a little bit over the top, but nothing unmanageable – they waived the requirement to leave a urine deposit. The range seemed very good, and it took mere milliseconds to find my first choice of DVD to borrow: "8 Mile".

[Thumbs up]After hearing much talk of it recently, I decided I wanted to see it. Bit of light viewing on a Sunday night, you know. Actually it wasn’t as heavy and incomprehensible as I thought it might be. Apart from the dialogue, which I struggled a tad with. Perhaps I should have turned the subtitles on. It reminded me a little of Quadrophenia. That Eminem bloke can act, and I was left with the feeling that it was a vaguely accurate (and certainly interesting) portrayal of a particular bit of America.

By Daniel Bowen

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