Last night I was heading into the city in a hurry. I left the car at Caulfield Station (cuts on the waiting time when coming home late at night). As I got out of the car I looked over my shoulder at the platform. A city-bound train was just coming in. I locked the door, sprinted to the platform, and
even made it in time to validate my ticket
. Then I settled down to read the Agenda section of the paper, worrying only momentarily that I might not have locked the car door properly.

Over to Crown to see the Matrix Reloaded with Doug. It’s certainly one of those "wowee how did they film that?" movies… the multiple Hugo Weavings (or should that be Hugos Weaving?)… the whole freeway chase thing… it really blurred the line between live action and computer graphics quite well.

I spent a bit of time trying to spot Sydney landmarks, but I’m not really familiar enough with Sydney. No blatant placement of Commonwealth Bank ATMs this time, though there was a fairly prominent National Australia Bank red star logo on one building in the closing scenes.

And the plot? Did it need one? Did it have one? Yeah, it kinda did. Mostly we just continued on the merry Matrix chase, lots of martial arts, lots of thrills and spills, with a thumping dance scene (combined with a sex scene to keep the teenage boys interested) and a few dialogue-heavy bits with technical terms and some philosophical gobbledygook thrown in for good measure. Maybe the dialogue was just so deep I didn’t understand it, though with my computing background the use of terms such as "source" and "architect" did make me chuckle. But mostly it was a thrill-ride leading shamelessly into the next movie. Which I fell for, of course now I feel obligated to see it when it comes out.

So overall? An enjoyable movie.[Thumbs up]

As the credits rolled, almost everyone walked out. Either they didn’t know at the very end was a preview for the third movie… or they didn’t care. At least it was better than the trailers before the film, which apart from one exception, showed the forthcoming features out of Hollywood to be complete pap. And the one that looked like it wasn’t pap wasn’t out of Hollywood.

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