Well today it was the auction of my favourite house, and in fact the only house that was a real prospect for buying before I have to move out of my current place. After doing some scheming with a couple of accomplices, we went along. I had given the impression to the agents that I wouldn’t be turning up, and I was amused to hear later that as one of my accomplices looked through the house, one of the agents had spotted me and remarked "Ah good, Daniel’s here".

Initially it didn’t look like there were an excessive number of serious bidders, but once bidding started it quickly became apparent that there were. It jumped in leaps and bounds, and alas, leapt over my limit before stopping short of the reserve price. It was formally passed in, and the negotiations between the highest bidder and the vendor began, but obviously today it was not meant to be.

Ah well. So at this stage the plan is to find somewhere else to rent, save for a year, and provided the market doesn’t jump (and it’s not expected to) I should be in a better position to buy something I like in a year or two.

By Daniel Bowen

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Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
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