House update

2pm. Well, I put in an offer for The House. Hopefully not so low that it isn’t taken seriously, but not so high that I’ve got nowhere to move when they inevitably come back to me asking for more. Tell you what, it’s quite a buzz. My fingers remain figuratively crossed (it’s a little hard to type when they’re actually crossed). I should hear back later today.

Of course, it’s only coincidence that at the moment I seem to be getting a lot of spams advertising cheap home loans and auction secrets. I’m probably just noticing them a bit more than usual.

8pm. Harumph. The agent rang back to say the vendor is going to wait until after the first inspection weekend before considering offers, since she wants to see what interest there is from other people. Oh well, fair enough, I’d probably do the same. So I’ll have to wait a week and a bit and see what happens.

The odds of the planets all coming into alignment are looking increasingly shakey. The bank saying "here’s the money!", the vendor saying "yeah I’ll sell to you!" and it all being over and done with before the 85 days in which I have to move are up is a bit of a dream, but if it doesn’t all happen, I’ll survive.

By Daniel Bowen

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