Grave digging

Today I was out grave digging… uhhh, grave hunting with Danielle, who is down from Sydney for the week hunting down ancestors. We tracked down a house in Malvern where one of them used to live, then went toSt Kilda Cemetery to potter about among the graves. Creepy? No, not really. It was a glorious day, and (at least at times) the sun shone down among the gravestones. Now, it might be a tad more creepy wandering around there at the dead of night during a full moon, but I’ll leave that experience to my imagination, since it’s not something I plan on ever doing.

Our directions were something akin to a treasure map, pointing us along a path, past a tree, to the third path on the left and forty-five paces south. No need to cry "Yo ho ho" or hop about on one leg – we found the relevant graves without too much trouble. I also got to try out the spiffy multi-picture panorama feature of my new camera, which is not too bad at all.

Most interesting. Makes me wish I had relatives who lived around here. One day I’ll have to go exploring Northern Queensland to find some of mine. One day.

St Kilda Cemetery

St Kilda Cemetery – click for a larger, spookier version.

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