Portent of doom

[Green Guide letter]

Age Green Guide, 20/3/2003. Why is it whenever I get hooked on a show, they take it off air? (The Sopranos finished this week, too)

If ever a portent of doom from the impending war appeared, it was yesterday’s weather around Victoria. Bymid afternoon a huge duststorm blanketed much of the state, providing an almost eerie view from the window of the building where I was working. Normally the view from the 28th floor is good – right across the southern and eastern suburbs, and across the bay. When the dust descended, the view shrunk back to only a kilometre or so. And amusingly it wasSmogbusters
day, too.

Thankfully at ground level it was a little more hospitable, but very windy. Reminded me a little of that Gomez music video where the wind starts blowing everyone and everything away.

As for the war… wellnow that it’s started I suppose all we can hope for now is that it’s over quickly and without too many casualties.

By Daniel Bowen

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