06:44 – The paper in the driveway. Unfortunately the vital picture of the dastardly newspaper thief didn’t come out, dammit.

06:25 – Get out of bed, spend a few minutes waking up, then throw on some clothes, shoes, brush my teeth and equip myself for the
with the camera, a notepad, a book to read, and a drink.

06:41 – In position, about a hundred metres north up the road, facing my place, sitting in my car. Trying not to look too conspicuous to the passing joggers. While I was getting the car into position, I saw the paper delivery bloke go past, but I didn’t see if he threw the paper in.

06:44 – Confirmed – the newspaper is in the driveway. Get back in car, keep the camera by my side, and read my book. Wonder what I’ll do if the paper thief turns out to be a 6 foot 5 rugby player.

06:52 – An old grey-haired but balding man approaches, wearing trackie daks. I see him go into the driveway. As he walks out again with my newspaper, I snap a photo of him with the zoom lens. Damn automatic camera fires the flash. I have no idea if this picture will come out. (New roll of film… damn, I need to get a digital camera.)

06:53 – I get out of the car and confront him on the street corner. I demand my newspaper back, and rant a bit at him about how it’s gone missing twice before this week and I paid for it. (Okay actually the newsagent replaced the missing ones, but he doesn’t know that. And it’s annoying for me to have to contact them for a replacement). He initially denies it, despite the newspaper sitting there in his hand. I tell him I’ve photographed him, and the picture will go to the police if my paper goes missing again. He gives me the newspaper, says Sorry and walks off.

06:54 – Head back to my car. A passing motorist in a blue Ford has stopped, and asks me what happened. At first I wonder if he is the police, or just interested, but I think he just saw the camera flash and wondered if it was a speed camera. He concurs that the thief is a prick, then drives off.

06:55 – I take the car back to home, go in, have some breakfast, write up this entry, then read the newspaper.

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
Opinions on this blog are all mine.