Quick movie reviews

Last week I watched Being John Malkovich on DVD. I’d originally seen it a few years ago, and thought I’d enjoy it again. I didn’t, really. It had its moments, but overall wasn’t as fun the second time around. And even odder than the plot is the interview with director Spike Jonze, shot as he drives his car, looking very unwell, until the end when he gets out of the car and throws up in the street.[Thumbs down]

This morning I woke up appallingly early (though not as appallingly early as two weeks ago) to see Harry Potter 2 with friends. It had to be early – if you want to see this movie in the cinema now, you have to be there at 10am, or it’s gone. I found it very enjoyable. I’d read the second book, but forgotten most of the plot… it all came back to me as the movie went on. Most enjoyable. I couldn’t work out where I had seen the actor who playedMr Weasley before… turns out a long long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, he played Dave Lister’s mate Peterson, in Red Dwarf.[Thumbs up]

And tonight I watched Amelieon DVD. I’d been told by a couple of people that it was good, and I really enjoyed it. I like something that’s quirky and unpredictable enough that it can make me laugh out loud, and this certainly did. In fact, IMDB’s readers have ranked it as the eighteenth best movie ever. This time I recognised one of the actors, and was able to identify him without looking on IMDB (other than for confirmation) – the guy who played Joseph was also in
.[Thumbs up]

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