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The newspaper guy normally tries to conceal the newspaper in the driveway shrubbery somewhat, so people can’t easily see it and steal it. It only happens occasionally, but it’s annoying when it does. Well this morning it was so well concealed in the shrubbery (hey, I get to use the word "shrubbery" twice – it really is going to be a good year) that I couldn’t initially find it. I got dressed and was all ready to head out the door, storm down to the newsagent (I could do with the exercise) and demand my newspaper.

But I had a good thorough look through the shrubbery (three now) and found it. It was buried so far deep in that I had to reach right in there, and when I pulled it out there was a strange cold feeling inside my t-shirt. I shook it momentarily and a leaf fell out.

The big news in the paper today is thecollapse of the Arthur’s Seat Chairlift. I first heard about this yesterday. It’s a funny kind of feeling, hearing about a landmark you know well andhave visited often, suddenly gone. Thankfully nobody was killed, though alas a few people were seriously injured.

What was annoying was watching the Channel 10 late news last night. I normally watch ABC andSBS news, sometimesChannel 9. Channel 10 (at least the late news) always strikes me as very sensationalist, and this was no exception. The newsreader claimed 15 people were seriously injured (actually 15 were injured, 4 seriously) and that the cable snapped (something no other news source has mentioned, and which I therefore doubt actually happened – especially as if it had, I suspect there would have been a lot more injuries).

As to the cause, well I’m sure the investigators will find it in due course. It would almost be amusing if some terrorist group claimed responsibility. Picture it… first the WTC and Pentagon, then Bali… now… Arthur’s Seat Chairlift!

By Daniel Bowen

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