Last year I bought the DVD ofStar Wars: Phantom Menace. It was okay… good special effects and stuff. But the acting and the plot left something to be desired. When I bought it, I got a limited edition "slip case" – an extra bit of cardboard that wraps around it. Apparently only 10 zillion of these were made, just for people shopping at the many varieties of Coles/Myer stores.

Well, with the current excitement over the release of the second one, and another special case for Coles/Myer customers, and with me having no plans to watch Phantom Menace again (despite me claiming to be a Jedi on the last census form) I decided to sell mine on eBay. I thought with a bit of luck I can cover what it cost me ($29), and maybe make a little bit of profit.

To my surprise, at the time of writing (with 5 days to go)
bidding is up to $122.50
! Whoa. Obviously someone is going to enjoy having it more than I do. Hmmm… $29 to $122 in a year… Turns out it wasn’t a bad little investment strategy. Pity it wouldn’t scale-up.

By Daniel Bowen

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