My dad told me about the biography of Lillian Roxon, who was the author of the world’s first encyclopaedia of rock music. The biography which includes a bit about him, because he knew her. I considered buying it, but then I reada review on the SMH web site, which said it wasn’t the world’s best biography. Bearing in mind that it’s hardback only, and $36, I might wait and watch out for it in the discount bins! Still, she was obviously an interesting character – apparently Germaine Greer dedicated The Female Eunich to her.

I went down to Reader’s Feast, and it’s true… my dad is in the book. Most of page 78 is about him, editing a Queensland university newspaper, engaging in a spat with the Brisbane Courier-Mail, and introducing Roxon to one of the key players who would later give her a foothold in the world of journalism.


By Daniel Bowen

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