Piccies and Foxtel

A bloke from The Bulletin has written a story about online diaries. And he hassled me for some information about them, apparently for no other reason that this thing has been running longer than most. That was last week. This week they asked me if they could take my photo for the article. Grr. That’s not something I generally like. I’m not a publicity hound. They pleaded with me and let me read a draft of the article. I eventually agreed, principally because this is not going on the cover of The Age or Woman’s Day or bloody TV Week. It’s "only" The Bulletin. Hell, I don’t think I even know anybody who reads it. Though come to think of it I don’t think I know anybody who reads Woman’s Day or TV Week either.

Anyway, they sent a photographer around this morning. He took various pictures of me in front of the computers, holding keyboards up in very non-ergonomic positions as if to emphasise that I’m a wired happenin’ net.dude. Then he had me carry a keyboard outside and take a few more pictures of me there. So if The Bulletin comes out next week with a picture of me sitting on the grass in front of a keyboard that’s not connected to anything… you’ll know it wasn’t my idea.

Meanwhile, the Foxtel saga reached its climax today. Mr Foxtel came out again this afternoon. We were both under the misapprehension that some miracle had occurred that would allow him to connect me . But we’d both been misinformed by the Foxtel sales people. Wonderful. No miracle cure to the problem that the existing point is at the wrong end of the house.

He was utterly adamant that he couldn’t do it, because it would have to go through doors, something the Foxtel people apparently didn’t understand. He rang his supervisor, and I rang Foxtel, and another bloke from the cabling people rang back on my other phone at the same time, and we all ended up having a big conference about it.

The conclusion? Can’t do it.

Fuck ’em, that’s what I say. Bastards. Instead, I’ve booked installation of a new antenna for Saturday, so at least I can get free-to-air properly. And I’ve just rung and subscribed to PBS FM, so that a better cause can get some of my monthly entertainment budget. And I may go on another DVD-buying binge.

That’ll make me feel better.

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
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