Media explosion

I’m selling out to the mass media this week. The cold hand of corporate globalisation will be coming to my house. I’m getting cable TV connected on Thursday. Yes, Mr Foxtel is going to drop in and connect up cables, and it’ll be bye bye to shitty TV reception on 6 channels, and hello to crystal-clear reception on 40 channels and a monthly bill that would feed a third world family. Ooh.. I didn’t think of that. No matter, I give more money to worthy charities every month, so my conscience is clear. I’m more worried about having to cut back on DVDs.

So, how will it change my viewing habits? Well being able to watch the news without snow will help. And the extra channels? Well looking at the TV guide, it’s essentially more of the same, isn’t it. More of the same, with more repeats. Plus all those authoritative world news TV stations that the free to air stations flick to every time a crisis happens. But is that evil globalisation, or is that enjoying a diversity of points of view from around the world?

Anyway, if I can see the very wacky Glam Metal Detectives again (UKTV, 11pm weeknights) I’ll be happy.

Funk and justice for all!

By Daniel Bowen

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