In dreams

I had a couple of dreams over the weekend. It’s relatively unusual for me to remember the dreams I have, so here’s what I recall…

Saturday night: I dreamt that I could see Leon and Claudia, the two cops from Lantana (which I watched on Saturday). They were undercover, pretending to be taxi drivers. I don’t know why they thought they were undercover, given there were two of them in the taxi… what’s more the taxi wasn’t really a taxi, it was a convertible car, with the roof down.

It was evening (presumably warm and not raining) and they were driving around Elsternwick, trying to see if they could pick up an armed robber coming out of a restaurant. This may have been influenced by a high-profile court case going on at the moment.

Anyway Leon and Claudia at one stage went into one of the restaurants. The walls were covered in framed pictures of female breasts. And I think someone walked past with a trolley full of breasts… either sculpted out of clay, or real ones (but not in a gory sense). Very bizarre. Leon and Claudia spoke to someone who was apparently a robber and, in reference to the breasts, remarked to him that "you must love it here".

Sunday night: I dreamt I changed jobs. I went to work at a place in Prahran, something to do with a discount clothing shop – like the old Coles variety store in Prahran used to be before they turned it into a supermarket – to get to the job, I had to go through the shop and up some escalators at the back. Why they would have a software development house at the back of a discount shop I don’t know, but working there were Josh, Cathy, and a bloke I’ve met a couple of times while in my current job, Doug.

For some reason I was having enormous trouble getting to this place on the first day. I detoured via the city, then found myself waiting in the middle of Dandenong Road for a tram which would be going in the wrong direction. Down the road I could see people dodging 4 lanes of traffic to get to the previous tram stop – unlike this one, for some reason there was no pedestrian bridge. I made a note to rant to Vaughan
about it.

Josh came and showed me where to catch a 78
to the right place (something I should have known already), then he took me up into the office. We got up there and it was ergonomic hell, like something out of Brazil, lots of strangely shaped desks, tiny screens and awkwardly placed keyboards. Doug was there, playing computer games.

What does it all mean? No idea.

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
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