It’s warm outside, but I can hear the snow, falling on my window… No, wait a minute, got a bit confused there. It’s July.

Yesterday it was the last day of June, and I spent some of it walking. I feel like I need to get more exercise, and putting one foot in front of the other, then swapping, then repeating, seems like a pretty good way to do it. So I walked. And walked and walked. I ended up at JB Hifi in Brighton, and amazingly managed to restrain myself from buying anything.

I suppose I should look at the Melway and figure out how far I walked. Hmm. I guess it’s in the region of about 7 kilometres. It would have been more but I cheated and caught a tram part of the way back. Anyway it was a nice day for it.

Funniest observation: in a quiet leafy street in Brighton, several houses with "We will oppose inappropriate development" signs (one of which was pretty ugly and inappropriate itself I reckon). A bit further along, a lovely house featuring an old panel van, one wheel missing, up on bricks in the front yard. Perhaps placed there to annoy the others – who knows!

By Daniel Bowen

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