The Queen Mum is dead, long live the Queen…

So, the Queen Mother is dead. I have a problem with this. It’s been less than two days since I heard the news, but I’m already having real trouble remembering where I was when I heard it. I’m beginning to think that in a week or two, the whole thing might be forgotten as an event of very little consequence or significance.

After all, she was 101. That’s a pretty damn good innings by any standards. It’s only because she’s famous that it’s news – "101 Year Old Woman Dies In Her Sleep" wouldn’t make the headlines otherwise.

I’m sure she was a very brave, kind and noble woman. At least judging from the gushing tributes to her in the media, she was. I wouldn’t know. Before my time. Which is probably why I’m finding it a little hard to get too worked up about it.

By Daniel Bowen

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