Annoying phone calls

11:30am. Telemarketer: Hello is that Mr or Mrs Bowen?

Me: What are you selling?

Telemarketer: Oh, I’m not selling nothing.

Great. She followed on with some spiel about how my house was only one of five in the suburb to be chosen for a free offer… does anybody fall for this crap any more?

3:15pm. Later call.

Bloke: Hello, Peter?

Me: Nope. There’s nobody called Peter here.

Bloke: Oh, sorry. Bye.

A minute later the mobile rings.

Me: Daniel Bowen

Bloke: Mr Bowen!

Me: Didn’t you call me a minute ago?

Bloke: Oh. Oh right. Sorry. Sorry.

I mean, how bloody clueless would you have to be, to be scouring through the phone book. You find a listing for BOWEN D F and ring it, find out your mate Peter isn’t there, and then decide that maybe ringing the mobile number listed for the same name might be a good idea? And then when the victim answers stating his name, which is clearly not Peter, you presume it’s him.


By Daniel Bowen

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Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
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