Late late late Christmas shopping

The new Melway. Not just a street directory, more a way of life.

On Friday afternoon I headed over to Chadstone to buy the presents I didn’t get given for Christmas. You see, in our family we freely admit that we’re crap at choosing presents for each other (at least most of us are – those that aren’t are pretty damn good) and so we exchange lists of suggested gifts. And this Christmas, my haul of presents was really good, but there were two things I needed that I didn’t get. One because nobody chose to buy it for me (and fair enough), the other because I didn’t actually include it on the list!

So I went to go and buy these two things. Firstly a 2002 refill for my diary. And secondly, the new edition of the Melway, because it’s got the new route numbers used on country roads. This is important, because VicRoads in their finite wisdom have put these route numbers on all the signs, and also taken away all the old road signs that had the road names on them. Which means if you don’t know exactly where you’re going, and you don’t have a map with the route numbers on them, it’s exceedingly easy to get lost. I know this, because it happened to me a couple of weeks ago.

I also bought a calendar for the kids’ room. Helps them learn days of the week and months and so on. I would have bought it for them for Christmas, but everyone knows they go to half price on Boxing Day, and who wants to spend $20+ on a 12 big pictures and the days of each month listed out? Not me.

By Daniel Bowen

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