[Harry Potter book cover]
The book

I went to see Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone last night. Great movie, very enjoyable. Of the people I went with – some who had read the book, some who hadn’t – all of them seemed to like it a lot.

I had arranged it all, e-mailing around a few friends last week to see who wanted to go. The general consensus was for Saturday night, which resulted me being – for the first time ever I believe – quadruple booked, as I’d also been invited to a birthday party and two housewarmings (one of which was cancelled at the last minute).

Some people didn’t want to come to the movie, or couldn’t come, and it was looking like it would be myself, Helena, Catherine and Lilian, together with a friend of Catherine, and a friend of Lilian called Ruth. It occurred to me on Friday that if Catherine brought another girl along, then I would end up going out to dinner and a movie with five women, and it was going to take a big effort to convince them all that I hadn’t planned it that way all along!

As it happened Catherine brought her (previously unknown – at least to me) boyfriend Christian, and this didn’t occur. And now I want to get hold of the third book (which is the one I’m up to, and which I think I have in the house… somewhere) to read it. And I think I’ll look in the Yellow Pages to see where I can get Quidditch lessons.

By Daniel Bowen

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